UDAN scheme: Flight services in four new routes in Odisha soon


Bhubaneswar: Regular flight services to multiple locations of Odisha will commence soon in four different routes under the Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS) – UDAN 3.1.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation will award new routes to selected airlines by conducting a special round of bidding process for which a notification has been issued.

The four new routes to be awarded in Odisha are Bhubaneswar-Utkela, Utkela-Raipur, Jeypore-Bhubaneswar and Jharsuguda-Ranchi.

Various State Governments intend to enhance point-to-point air connectivity of certain specific airports in their respective states. Accordingly, they have identified certain point-to-point routes to incentivize airlines to commence operations on such routes, a statement of the Civil Aviation Ministry said.

As the RCS aims to promote growth of air connectivity within the country, such routes will be governed under the Regional Connectivity Scheme – UDAN 3.0, the statement added.

During the announcement of RCS UDAN 3.0 Scheme on January 25, it was decided to consider an additional bidding round under UDAN 3.0 to include Priority/ Cancelled / Crucial routes which have not been covered under RCS UDAN Scheme so far.

Flight services in four new routes under UDAN soon

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