Two More Arrested In Fake Vaccination Racket In Kolkata


Kolkata: Police here have arrested two more persons on Tuesday in connection with the fake vaccination racket that was busted last week.

The two arrested persons have been identified as Kanchan Deb, 37 and Sarat Patra, 52. While Patra had earlier worked under a doctor and was hired by Debanjan Deb to administer the fake injections to people, Kanchan Deb is Debanjan Deb’s cousin.

Earlier, Police had arrested four persons including the mastermind, Debanjan Deb, 28, who had been impersonating an IAS officer for the past four months to organise fake vaccination camps.

Till now, sleuths have found transactions of over Rs 2 crore in just one year in the bank account maintained by Debanjan Deb.

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