Two-four times sex a week reduces prostate cancer risk


New Delhi: Having sex two to four times a week reduces the risk of prostate cancer, a new study reveals.

On the other hand, the study suggests that men who have a high number of sexual partners are at a greater risk of prostate cancer adding men who first had sex at a younger age are more likely to suffer from it.

The research was carried out at the Sichuan University, China. The research also found scientists analyse data on 55,490 men from 22 previous studies.

The scientists found the tumour risk started to fall as sexual frequency increased; however, rose again.

At the optimum level two to four times a week, the risk was 10 per cent lower than average, scientists found. Masturbation too provided similar benefits.

The risk of prostate cancer increased by 10 per cent for every ten female partners a man had and decreased by 4 per cent for every five-year delay in age at first intercourse.

Having a moderate amount of sex is thought to be healthy because it “cleans out the pipes”.

But having too much may be a sign of excessive sex hormones, which heighten cancer risk.

The findings are published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

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