Two more accused confess in chit fund scams


Bhubaneswar: After Artha Tatwa chief Pradip Sethi and director Manoj Patnaik confessed their involvement in chit fund scams earlier this month followed by Aastha International managing director Santosh Sapkale, today two more accused in chit fund scams have accepted their role in the deposit scheme fraud.

Artha Tatwa member Mohamad Hanif and Aadarsh chit fund member Bijay Raut have also confessed their roles in the scams. The members of the ponzi companies that duped people and garnered crores appear to have found a route to get relaxation in punishment by accepting their involvement in the chit fund fraud.

Earlier, after their confessions, Artha Tatwa chief Sethi and Aastha International managing director Sapkale were sentenced to jail of seven and five year terms respectively.

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