Twitter’s response to Centre’s request on suspension of accounts

New Delhi: Twitter said the company is guided by principles of transparency and public conversation  after being told to suspend Pakistani and Khalistani accounts.

The government asked the microblogging site to suspend 1,178 Pakistani and Khalistani accounts for spreading misinformation.

A tweet by the company’s spokesperson said the platform is guided by principles of transparency and empowering the public conversation.

The Information Technology (IT) Ministry shared a list of accounts that were flagged by the security agencies as those of Khalistan-sympathisers and backed by Pakistan-based elements.

According to the ministry, the accounts were being run by individuals from foreign soils. They are spreading disharmony in India and causing public disorder relating to farmer protests.

The company spokesperson further said that if it is illegal in a particular jurisdiction, but not in violation of the Twitter rules, then the account might be suspended in the location only.