Twitter Blames Internal Systems Change For Wide-Scale Technical Outage


New York: With several users complained that were facing issues in accessing Twitter on 9 August, the micro-blogging platform has confirmed that the problem is now fixed.

It later confirmed that an “internal systems change” was to blame for its technical outage today. Later, the microblogging site took to its official handle to acknowledge the issue. It said, “Twitter may not be loading for some of you we’re working on a fix to get you back to your timelines ASAP.”

The technical problems resulted in some users being logged out of Twitter. The social network also was failing to load tweets and timelines. In some cases, attempting to load the main Twitter feed resulted in just the logo being displayed.

Most recently, Twitter experienced an outage of about an hour last month. It had similar problems on Feb. 17, coming less than a week after another an hourlong outage the company ascribed to a “technical bug” that was preventing timelines from loading and tweets from posting.


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