Twinkle Khanna Drops Funny Video On The Worst Excuses To Avoid Parties: Take A Look


New Delhi: Former actor Twinkle Khanna recently shared a funny but relatable post about introverts. The video post featured the actor wondering what excuse could come in handy when a person is called to any celebration.

Twinkle shared a new video on her Instagram about introverts trying to get out of unwanted invites and we bet you would be able to relate to it! She captioned the hilarious video, ‘Introverts of the world – How often does this happen? Drop a ❤️ if it’s every other week and tell me the worst excuse you have ever made in the comments below!’

Check out the video here:



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In the video, Twinkle gets a text invite to an event, and the actress is seen coming up with various excuses in order to avoid having to attend it. Ultimately, Twinkle is seen giving up on her endeavour as her clip reads, “I am sick, No, what about I have lost the will to live? None of this will work, I will just have to sacrifice, surrender, roll over, play fetch. I have to gooo. God help me, no one can help me. Help me!”

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