Twin City Police Commissioner Spotted Without Mask!


Bhubaneswar: While the government is continuously urging the populace to follow COVID guidelines strictly, the Twin City Police Commissioner and two others were spotted without mask at an event.

The Police Commissioner attended the concluding event of road safety awareness month a couple of days ago. However, three out of the four guests sharing the dias were seen without masks.

Among the three were the two most prominent faces, Police Commissioner Sudhansu Sarangi and Ollywood actor Sabyasachi Mishra. Meanwhile, IPS officer Rekha Lohani kept her mask on throughout the event.

It was also spotted that the awardees, who received trophies, and some social workers were also not wearing masks while being photographed.

According to available information, the senior police official neither wore a mask himself nor advised others present in the event without wearing mask.

It could be noted here that blatant violation of the most important COVID precautionary guideline to wear protective mask has been noticed in the function. But the Commissionerate Police has not mentioned the said violation of COVID norms.

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