Tuskers Wreak Havoc In Balasore’s Nilagiri

Balasore: A herd of rampaging tuskers from Dalma sanctuary of Jharkhand has now entered Gopalpur forest reserve under Nilagiri range of Balasore district.

According to sources, a herd of around 42 elephants, including five tuskers and four cubs, after crossing Durgadevi, Sonandi, Pundal, Kathapal, and Patna in the district has now been staying at Gopalpur forest. Since their arrival, the pachyderms have wreaked havoc in the area, destroying crops, houses, and farmlands.

While an atmosphere of panic has set in the nearby villages, locals are spending sleepless nights to keep themselves and their farmlands safe from the marauding elephants.

Meanwhile, Forest guards, taking all measures, are keeping a close watch on the movement of the elephants.