Try This Magical Detox Drink To Shed Those Festive Calories


New Delhi: Raksha Bandhan was celebrated yesterday, on 11 August. It is a happy occasion and celebrations call for something sweet. The sweets, however, can mess with your weight loss diet, and on festivals, there is no escaping this temptation that lurks everywhere.

If the festivities have caused you to gain weight, you are probably looking for a way to go back to your diet. All the excess sugar can make you gain weight, increase your risk of diseases like diabetes and is just not good for your overall health. Here is a detox drink that you should try, to shed those pounds, detox your body, and go back to a healthy, weight-loss diet.

Detoxing Cucumber Lemonade for weight loss  

Lemon is a great detox food as it contains vitamin C and many antioxidants which help in weight loss and detox. Cucumber is extremely refreshing, cooling and helps improve digestion. It is also rich in nutrients, water content and antioxidants which make it a great weight loss-friendly, detox vegetable. Water and hydration play an extremely significant role in weight loss and detox, as they help in improving digestion, boosting metabolism and help in keeping all body functions running efficiently. Adding all these ingredients into one beverage to make a delicious drink can be a great way to make up for all the cheating on your diet that happened during the festivals.

Here’s how to whip up this lemon-cucumber delight:

To make the lemon-cucumber delight that you can call a cucumber-lemonade as well, chop a cucumber and put it in a blender. Add 1-2 cups of water, blend the mix and strain it, to extract the pulp from the juice. In warm water, mix honey to melt it properly so it would mix well with the mixture, add this to the cucumber juice. Add lemon juice and ice to the mix. You can also add some mint leaves for a cooling effect and to make the drink look better.

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