Try These Yoga Asanas To Shake Off Your Winter Lethargy 


New Delhi: During winter days, the body becomes stiff which makes it prone to cramps, joint pain, and injury. Regular practice of Yoga can help you to reduce the aches and pains in the body, increase flexibility, and also keep the stiffness away. Try these yoga poses:  

CAT POSE (Urdvha Mukhi /Adhomukhi Marjariasana) 

– To get into this pose, kneel down placing your knees under the hips and palms under your shoulders.  

– Inhale and curl your spine to look up.  

– Exhale and round your back and shoulders to look at your navel.  

This asana is good for warming up the spine.  

DOWNWARD DOG (Adho Mukhi Svanasana) 

– To form a downward dog, you can start in Child’s Pose resting your pelvis on your heels and reaching out in front of you with your forehead on the floor.  

– From here, bring your toes down to push your knees and pelvis up forming a triangular shape with the body.  

– Make sure the distance between the palms and your feet is neither too far away nor is it too close.  

UPWARD FACING DOG (Urdvha Mukhi Svanasana) 

– Come to plank posture and from here gently drop the pelvis and the stomach down without touching the floor.  

– Lift the chest and the shoulders towards the sky and look up. 

– In this posture do not bend your elbows and squeeze the glutes to activate the back muscles. 


This pose helps to deeply stretch the hamstrings and gluteus while freeing the spine of its morning stiffness. 

– Start by stepping the right foot forward while keeping the left foot at a 45-degree angle. 

– Maintain a distance of 3 feet between the legs. 

– Interlace the fingers behind your back and fold the body forward toward the front leg. 

– Allow your arms to stretch open while keeping the gaze to the toes. 

– Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat the same on the left side. 

BHUJANGSANA (Cobra pose) 

Bhujang asana or the cobra pose is a wonderful back bend asana, which helps to get rid of the stiff and tight muscles in the back, especially during the winters. This yoga posture also helps to open the chest cavity and improves respiratory function.  

– Lie on your belly in a prone position. 

– Place the palms to the sides of your chest and slowly push into the floor to lift your body up. 

– Do not straighten the arms fully. Keep a slight bend in the elbows. 

– Allow the shoulders to be rested down and relaxed. Make sure to not tense the neck. 

– Hold for 30 seconds, slowly release and repeat. 

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