Try These Yoga Asanas For A ‘Healthy Uterus’


Here are the easy-to-do asanas that the expert suggested for a ‘healthy uterus’:

Badhakonasana– To perform this asana, begin with sitting upright with your back straight, knees bent at either side, and soles of your feet touching each other. Proceed to move as comfortably as you can while focusing on your feet.

Parivaritta Janu Shirshasana variation- This asana is effective for blood circulation and will ensure that your lower back feels stretched. To perform this asana, sit straight, and bend one knee while keeping the other leg stretched out. Remember to keep your core strong.

Chakkichalan– To perform this asana, inhale as you go forward to backward. The expert suggested that attempting these asanas could be avoided if you are suffering from a slipped disc or severe lower back concerns.



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