Try These Easy Yet Effective Tips To Take Care Of Woollen Clothes


New Delhi: Storing winter dresses is a huge responsibility, especially when one wants to preserve the fabric, freshness and colours of the garments for the next season. Here are some tips to take care of your woollen clothes:

Use a Cashmere Brush

The Cashmere Brush is a great tool to get rid of lint, hair and fuzz from your woollens before washing. Brushing also helps revive the yarns by releasing their natural oil.

Wash using Delicate/Woollen Washing Machine Programs

Woollen fabrics require gentle handling during a wash. Only the Delicate/Woollens program should be selected to wash in a washing machine.

Use Mild Detergent for Washing Woollens

Avoid using powder detergents which are usually harsh on fabrics. Use only mild liquid detergent specifically available for woollen fabrics.

Never Bleach Woollen Garments

Chlorine or oxygen bleach should never be used on woollens as it makes the fibres weak and reduces the life of the garment. They should be dry-cleaned or washed as per the instruction label.

Read Wash Care Instructions

 A wool blanket should be washed only if it is too soiled or smelling foul, that too after reading its wash care instructions.

Avoid Frequently Washing Hand-Knit Garments

Hand-knit garments last long if they aren’t frequently washed. To prevent body odours, oils and dirt from passing on to them, wear an undershirt before putting on the knits. This way, you can avoid frequent washing and launder the knits only once or twice in a season.

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