Try These DIYs To Treat Dry And Damaged Hair In Winter

New Delhi: Winter season brings home dryness not just of the skin, but also hair. The best way to deal with the same is by using nourishing hair masks made from kitchen-ingredients. We often ditch a good hair care routine saying that dryness or dandruff is just a seasonal matter. Or sometimes we even hurry the hair care regime because we find the water too cold to handle. What we fail to understand here is that if for one season we are deliberately ditching our hair care routine, then we will have to pay for the same in the next season.

Well, the best way to give your locks the required nourishment and hydration during the winter months is by using a hair mask. They penetrate right into your roots and are way more effective when coupled with a good shampoo and conditioning.

Here are three DIY hair masks for winter hair:

1. Dandruff

Material Needed: Yogurt, 2 tablespoons lemon, one tablespoon honey

How to make: Take yogurt, honey, and lime in a bowl and mix them all well. Apply this mask for about 15 minutes and make sure you are targeting the dandruff spots. Once it dries out, use lukewarm water to clean your hair. If possible, wash with a dandruff-removal shampoo. This is one of the most tried and trusted method to get rid of dandruff issues.

2. Dryness

Material Needed: One banana and yogurt

How to make: Peel a banana and mash it properly to make a paste-like substance. In a bowl, add the mashed banana with yogurt and mix them well. Make sure there are no lumps left and then apply this mask on your hair. Let it dry itself out and then wash your hair using a good shampoo and conditioner. Try using a product that tackles dryness problems.

3. Frizzy hair

Material Needed: 2 tablespoon honey, one glass of milk

How to make: Take a cup of milk and add honey to the same. Mix both the ingredients well and apply to your hair like a mask. Let it dry for about 30 minutes and wash it off using lukewarm water. This mask is all you need to achieve silky smooth hair. Plus, the milk and honey ingredients will bring back the shine that your locks lose to the dusty weather.

While you always have the option to buy from the market, we suggest you make your hair mask at home at a rather pocket-friendly price.