Try These Diabetes-Friendly Drinks To Stay Cool In Summer


New Delhi: Summer season calls for having all things cold and delicious beverages. However, all drinks are not always suitable for everyone, especially diabetic patients. Don’t worry we have brought you a list of some desi summer drinks recipes that will keep you cool and may help manage diabetes too.

Sattu Cooler

Sattu is one of the oldest and most natural energizer foods in India. It is a powdered gram (chana). A lot of recipes are made using Sattu, including this natural, diabetes-friendly cooling drink.

Sattu is very nourishing because of its high levels of proteins and carbohydrates.

How to make

  1. To make the cooler, first, add the Sattu powder to some cold water.
  2. Add a spritz of black salt to it.
  3. Season the drink with some finely diced onion and lemon juice.
  4. This makes for a very refreshing drink that’s instantly energizing without causing any disturbances in the blood sugar levels of diabetic patients.

Flavoured Green Tea

This can be of any flavour that you like – peach, cranberry, lemon, passionfruit – the choice is yours.

How to make

To start off, add some fruit to this drink, like a refreshing watermelon, mango, etc.

Tip: Be sure to pick something seasonal as that’s the healthiest option.

Slice up the fruit and add it to water. Put this into an ice tray and freeze to make ice cubes.

Add that to the green tea along with some mint leaves and lemon juice.

Fruits and Veggies Smoothie

This is a very interesting smoothie because it combines the goodness of fruits and vegetables, without compromising on the taste.

How to make this smoothie

  1. Take one glass of fresh coconut water.
  2. You will also need one bowl (Katori) of spinach.
  3. Take a piece of mango; it can be any mango.
  4. And finally, you will need a little bit of beetroot for some rich colour and texture.
  5. Now put all this together in a blender and blend away!

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