Try These Authentic Marathi Recipes For Gudi Padwa


New Delhi: Gudi Padwa marks the start of the New Year for Marathi and Konkani Hindus and is celebrated with much enthusiasm throughout Maharashtra and neighbouring regions.   The delicacies prepared during Gudi Padwa speak for themselves. For you to also have a taste of the festival, here is a list of vegetarian items that you can prepare at home:


Shrikhand’s recipe can vary from place to place based on the technique used but the primary use of hung curd is what gives the richness and smoothness to this dish. It is also one of the most loved desserts throughout the country. In summers, you can also prepare a mango version of the same dish.

Puran Poli

One of the most delicious, sweet delicacies that Maharashtra has to offer is Puran Poli. Filled with the goodness of jaggery and chana dal mixed with besan and cooked in lots of ghee Puran Poli can break all your health vows and make you cheat on your diet. A plate of hot, fresh and fluffy Puran Polis can add life to your Gudi Padwa celebrations.

Kaju Modak

A steamed dessert, Modak has gotten a lot of fame in the food world because of its epic taste, their endearing shape and cooking technique. Kaju Modak is a delicacy that is enjoyed on various festivals of Maharashtra, especially on Ganesh Chaturthi and Gudi Padwa. These can be prepared using varied ingredients such as mangoes, chocolate and even coconut.

Batata Vada

Maharashtra has such delicious food to offer. Batata Vada is a delicacy that has been native to the state and has made a place in people’s hearts outside of the state too. Typically made with a spicy potato filling wrapped inside a besan batter, Batata Vada can also be the best chai-time snack while celebrating Gudi Padwa.

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