Trump administration’s COVID response full of missteps: Experts


Washington: Experts claim that the US has squandered away some of the best opportunities it has had to contain the spread of the virus.

The experts from the University of California are of the view that the US response for the coronavirus pandemic has been riddled with “missteps and unforced errors”.

Poor administrative measures and lethargy on part of the US President to enforce basis guidelines like using face masks and maintaining social distancing have worsened the coronavirus situation in America.

Reports said the US under Donald Trump administration has been at its controversial best in the past four years.

The US prioritized economy over its people when the entire world scrambled to lockdown the countries and impose stringent measures to curb movement of people following the outbreak of the dreaded disease.

Now, the country is the worst-hit in the world by a huge margin, with only Brazil – run by another controversial President Jair Bolsonaro – giving Trump a stiff competition on poor management.

Though the face mask has proven to be the simplest and most effective defence against the deadly COVID-19 virus, yet the American leadership took it lightly.


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