Trump administration suspends USD 1.66 billion security assistance to Pakistan


Washington: In a move what is described as a strong signal of American frustration, the Trump administration has suspended USD 1.66 billion of security assistance to Pakistan.

This has come after President Donald Trump’s directives, the Pentagon has said.

The Pentagon report followed President Trump’s comments recently that Pakistan has done nothing for America. He even alleged that Pakistani government had helped al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden to hide close to Abbottabad, its garrison town.

The Trump administration said Pakistan has taken no serious steps to the core concern of US. It alleged that Pakistan has encouraged groups which use violence against Pakistan’s neighbours,

It said the Pakistani leaders have promised cooperation, but no cooperation has happened so far. President Trump has been frustrated over the matter, the Pentagon report said.

The Trump administration said there reports that the Taliban moving weapons, fighters and money through Pakistan. The Taliban commanders taking refuge in Pakistan and staying with their families.They are holding meetings and conducting training in Pakistan and shipping explosives from Pakistan into Afghanistan, the US administration said.

Peace would have prevailed over Afghanistan, had Pakistan government taken initiative. Both Afghanistan and Pakistan would benefit hugely from this peace process.

The report further said Pakistan should take strong measures against groups which act against India, as this would benefit Pakistan for forging better economic ties with that country.

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