Troubled by air pollution? Add these 7 lung-cleansing foods to your diet

New Delhi: Air pollution can have serious impacts on our health, worsening or increasing the risk of asthma and other respiratory ailments, cardiovascular disease, cancer, etc. Air pollutants have also been linked to a greater risk of dying from COVID-19. If you’re living in a polluted place, making a few dietary changes can help protect your lungs and even minimise damage or symptoms of the disease.

Here is a list of some of the antioxidant-rich foods that you can incorporate into your diet to cleanse your lungs during this season.

Lung-cleaning foods to include in your anti-pollution diet

 1. Ginger: Ginger is one of the most widely used home remedies to cure cough and cold. It is best known for its anti-inflammatory properties as helps in removing toxins from the respiratory tract. Ginger is rich in vitamins and minerals like potassium, magnesium, beta-carotene, and zinc, all of which can help in maintaining lung health. You can add ginger to your dishes or to your daily cup of tea.

2. Turmeric: Turmeric also helps in reducing congestion and inflammation in the air passage during respiratory ailments. Turmeric contains a compound, known as curcumin, which cleanses the lungs naturally. It also helps in building immunity by detoxifying the body. You can eat raw turmeric or can use the powdered form with milk or add a pinch of it to your glass of water.

 3. Honey: Honey is popular for its antibacterial properties that help in reducing respiratory problems. Honey can help clear the air passage and maintain the health of your lungs. A spoonful of honey is extremely beneficial for cleansing your lungs. You can add honey to lukewarm water along with lemon (optional) and take it daily in the morning before starting your routine. You can also take a spoonful of honey half an hour before sleeping. It will give you relief from cough and will also help in treating sleep difficulty during congestion.

 4. Garlic: Garlic contains a powerful compound called allicin. Allicin acts as an antibiotic agent and helps cure respiratory infections that block our lungs, causing breathlessness and congestion. Garlic also helps in reducing inflammation and the risk of lung cancer. It also improves asthma.

 5. Anti-inflammatory foods: Anti-inflammatory foods like green leafy vegetables, dark chocolate, broccoli, cherries, olives, walnuts, beans, and lentils help in cleansing the lungs. Also, opt for drinks that contain anti-inflammatory antioxidants, which help in reducing inflammation in the air passage and help you breathe easier.

 6. Green tea: Green tea has many health benefits. It contains several antioxidants that may help reduce inflammation in the lungs. Consuming green tea twice a day may be a great way to improve lung function.

 7. Healthy fats: You can also choose a diet that’s lower in carbohydrates and higher in healthy fats in order to cleanse your lungs. More oxygen is used and carbon dioxide is produced while metabolising carbohydrates than while metabolizing fats.