TRL Krosaki sets benchmark in Torpedo Ladle Performance at Rourkela Steel Plant


Jharsuguda: TRL Krosaki Refractories Limited, the No 1 Refractories Company of India created a benchmark in Torpedo Ladle Performance by achieving the highest ever life of 2338 heats which is still running at SAIL, Rourkela Steel Plant surpassing the previous record of 2331 heats.

This unique performance is achieved through the innovative zonal lining design of high grade and superior quality Alumino-Silicon-Carbide Carbon and Corrundum-Mullite refractories specially designed and supplied by TRL Krosaki.

In addition to supply of material, a team of engineers and technicians have been deployed by TRL Krosaki at SAIL RSP site for providing value added technical services including installation, online technical supervision and regular maintenance of refractories.

Top leadership of SAIL RSP and Senior Executives of Blast furnace division visited the site and congratulated the team of Engineers and Technicians deployed by TRL Krosaki for this special achievement.

TRL Krosaki, is the topmost supplier of refractories products and services to steel plants in India. Its products are used in high temperature processes equipment like kiln, furnaces, ovens, etc.

Rourkela Steel Plant

Backed by the Best of technology support from Krosaki Harima Corporation of Japan, TRL Krosaki has made huge investments for modernization and expansion of its manufacturing facilities. It has developed a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant which manufactures consistent and top quality refractories products. In addition to supply of products, the company also provides value added services like Total Refractories Management, Refractories Engineering Services and Technical Support Services and customized solutions to the needs of the customers.

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