Tree Transplant Machine Yet To Be Procured By “Disaster-Prone” Odisha! 


Bhubaneswar: The tree transplanting machine, used to transplant trees instead of cutting them for developmental projects, is yet to be procured by the state.  

While several trees are being cut mindlessly every year for the public interest, Odisha, that witnesses pure calamities like cyclones and floods more often, is losing the vegetation. 

Reportedly, Fani, the extremely severe cyclonic storm that ravaged the coastal districts of Odisha in the first week of May 2019 claimed as many as 21.9 lakh trees. More than one lakh trees were destroyed in the state capital Bhubaneswar alone. Of these 21.9 lakh trees, 9 lakh were destroyed within the forest and sanctuary areas. 

The tree spades are mobile tree transplanting machines, operated by hydraulic systems, having various sizes with a narrow and open-frame design. Most of the models have safety lockouts and special out triggers and rear-half swivels (optional). They are set up with a truck, trailer, or loader and available with one, two, three or four spades as per as their sizes and performing capacity. 

 Tree transplanting machines are intended to make it simpler to dig up, transport, and transplant trees and bushes of quality, giving everyone the possibility to create anew a grown garden. As the roots and root hairs remain in contact with the soil and carrying the plant carefully and with less vibration, it made the survival rate higher and vegetative growth very rapid. 

Earlier, the mayor in Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC)- Ananta Narayan Jena had started the process of purchase the Tree Transplant Machine in 2019. However, the project remains on hold in the state. 

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