Trailer Of Psycho-Drama The Lost Daughter Starring Olivia Colman & Dakota Johnson Out

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London: Netflix released the first trailer for its upcoming psychological drama The Lost Daughter, which marks Maggie Gyllenhaal’s directorial debut.

The brand new trailer for The Lost Daughter captures Dakota Johnson and Jessie Buckley as they deal with their motherhood responsibilities, while Olivia Colman tries to enjoy her “working holiday.”

Colman’s Leda meets Johnson’s Nina and the former keeps an eye on Johnson and her daughter during their time at the beach together.

“Children are a crushing responsibility,” Leda notes, while Nina tries to figure out ways to manage her daughter’s whims. Colman’s younger self is played by Jessie Buckley who finds herself tangled in motherhood while trying to manage a house on her own.

The 2 minutes 49 seconds trailer shows the mothers in difficult situations, with Colman being a guardian angel to Johnson when the latter finds herself unable to deal with life as a mother.

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