Traffic Police ‘Sheer Callousness’ in Bhubaneswar Raises Concern


Bhubaneswar: While the government has rolled up its sleeves to ensure proper traffic management across the country by implementing New Motor Vehicle Rules, dereliction of duty by traffic police could be seen in Smart City Bhubaneswar.

According to reports, two traffic cops who have shouldered the responsibility to monitor traffic rules at Rupali Square in Saheed Nagar area of Bhubaneswar were seen busy in talking with each other at the roadside.

Besides, packets of snacks and alcohol were also found near the spot. The matter came to light after the duo was caught on camera by a media person.

On being asked about the reason for their absence at the traffic post, the cops failed to give any satisfactory answers.

On the other hand, the situation is not so different at Vani Vihar and Maharshi College Chhak which are the busiest junctions in the smart city.

At 7:30 PM in Vani Vihar junction three traffic police were seen interacting among each other being unaware of the traffic situation on the roads.

Similarly, at 5:00 PM in Maharshi College Chhak the traffic post was found empty and the cop was seen standing under a tree.

Expressing concern over the callousness of the traffic police, locals have demanded strict actions against the cops.

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