Traffic Havildar Sweeps Road In Cuttack To Avert Accidents


Cuttack: A traffic personnel has taken the initiative to clean the road he was deployed in order to avert any chances of accidents.

According to reports, the traffic havildar, identified as Lalit Mohan Raut, was spotted sweeping the sides of the road on Sikharpur Chak in order to clean the sand particles accumulated there. As per sources, the havildar adopted the step in order to avoid road mishap that is usually caused by the presence of odd sand. Reportedly, Lalit Mohan has also been a witness to such mishaps.

Considering the situation to be risky to human lives, Lalit Mohan, took the initiative to clean the road. As per reports, he went to a convenience store and bought a broom, and voluntarily started sweeping.

He was also cooperated by his coworkers. Passersby were pleasantly surprised by the act.

The actions that eventually portrayed Lalit Mohan’s sense of responsibility is being appreciated by people across various sections.

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