Toughest Predictions


In the past Pragativadi has conducted poll predictions with 97 per cent accuracy, in 2004,2009 and 2014. Such exercises were consummated much before the counting of results in the polls. The most striking feature of the exit polls conducted by the newspaper is that it has never availed the services of any survey organisation.

The newspaper has tried its best to harvest information from the field by using its existing infrastructure and human resources. There is no gainsaying the fact that we have forged ahead with contentment that we could present information and insights to the readers with meticulous analysis. We have been trying our best to make our prognostications more accurate and we will continue doing so in the days to come.

These predictions are based on the opinions of the voters and subsequent analytical data garnered from different regions of the state. Our teams at all the blocks and districts across the state and a special team compiled and consolidate the reports keeping at the backdrop various permutations and combinations in the voter segments. It has always been our single most priority to present an insightful prediction to our readers.

I am sure the readers will agree with me when I say that this election was different from the other electoral exercises of the past. We have taken a lot of pain to embark on the exercise of exit polls given the poll scenario at the national and state levels. The electorate of Odisha has exercised their franchise in a different way.

It has become evident in three different phases- before electioneering, during campaigning and at the time of voting. During our interaction with the voters in the three phases, we could gauge their resentment as well as the contentment.

But, we wish to make it clear that it is very difficult to say how far the resentment and contentment have been translated into votes. We have noticed a number of times that it was an uphill task to predict the outcome of the electoral process in terms of winning or losing.  We have witnessed close fights in different assembly and parliamentary segments. Hence, it is too difficult to identify the wave and in whose favour.

However, we did notice that voters have opted for different parties in assembly as well as parliamentary constituencies. Voters can never be taken for granted. They would not vote for the candidate in question whom they have openly given their support before the D-day.

One big slogan this time was flower (Lotus) at the centre and conch (Sankha) in the state. This slogan has gone down well with various cross-sections of the society-the common man, businessman, teachers and the salaried middle class. The senior citizens who are regarded as silent voters appear to have voted in favour of Sankha. Nevertheless, we are confident of our poll predictions, despite the presence of a number of contradictory elements the poll scenario has thrust upon us.

While embarking upon the job we have taken special care so that our values are not at risk nor our reputation as the leading daily which predicts nearly 80 per cent of poll results most accurately.

We want to make it abundantly clear that it is no surprise if there is a big difference between the poll predictions and the actual results. We have made the predictions three days before the counting on May 23. In any case, everything will be clear in a matter of less than 48 hours.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks to all the members of Pragativadi team for their untiring efforts good wishes and also to our most valuable readers.


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