Top Water Sports Destinations In India


Bhubaneswar: If you want to get some respite from the scorching heat of summers on the weekends, you don’t have to go to Australia or the pristine lagoons of Mauritius, because there are plenty of options in India. Here are some water sports destinations in India, that will have you returning to these places again and again.

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

The renowned destination for white water rafting in India is Rishikesh. Although there are many more in the list but Ganga River giving the natural bumps and cliffs at Rishikesh is still the best case of adventure. Rishikesh is not only a place for pilgrims, it has also a major visit of adventure lovers. White River rafting in the Ganga River gets you some unforgettable experiences for a life time. You can make your attendance in summers and winters both, all the time it is perfect. This place is mostly loved by adventure junkies.


Manali is that destination that never gives you less. It provides more than your expectation whether you are going for a tour with family and friends or for going for an adventure trip. There is something special for adventure enthusiasts. River Rafting, Angling, and Fishing are some water sports you can enjoy. It can be quite thrilling or exciting trip for junkies.


Lakshadweep is a water sports enthusiast’s delight; you can go kayaking, scuba diving, canoeing, and snorkeling. Lakshadweep is a renowned island in India for water adventure due to crystal clear blue waters and coral reefs. You will find here rich marine life because of the stable temperature of the water. The perfect to time visit this place is from October to May. Don’t plan your adventure in the monsoon due to the violent behavior of the monsoon.


Pondicherry is a popular holiday destination for both Indians and foreigners. The French architecture that dominates the cityscape lends it a unique continental charm. There are plenty of beaches in the city where you can unwind by lazing around or participating in water sports. Scuba diving is a must if you travel to Pondicherry.

Zanskar, Jammu & Kashmir

Zanskar Valley is located at more than 12,000 feet above sea level. The Zanskar River poses a challenge to even the most skilled rafters. Tackle rapids of every grade, ranging from 1 to 4, while enjoying the spectacular scenery of the valley. At the end of the valley, you will be greeted with the sight of the sublime Zanskar Canyon, also known as the Grand Canyon of India. It is a grade 4 section, and you can enjoy kayaking as well.

Andaman Islands

Andaman is fast emerging as one of the best destinations in India to get your adrenaline rushing. From scuba diving to snorkeling to walking under the sea, you can choose from a multitude of different water adventures. If you aren’t a fan of getting wet, but still want to explore the enthralling underwater world, Andaman has got it covered. You can hop onto the glass bottom boat or board a semi-submarine to explore the underwater world. It’s thrilling, and it’s safe.

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