Top industries to be involved with in 2020

The world has gone through quite a change in 2020, we are sure that you can agree! While the COVID pandemic has changed the way that many of us are living our lives, the impact has been all too obvious in the business world. We’ve seen industries absolutely collapse under the strain and pressure of what this virus has caused, but as the saying goes – history repeats itself. In this respect, the world will adapt, and there will always be opportunities to move forward in the business world, despite how things might appear.

This short post will focus on what the best industries to be involved with are right now, and some of them might intrigue you. 

Online gaming/casinos

When the world came to a grinding halt back in March, and all sport was effectively canceled, we witnessed quite an interesting trend. Of course, online gambling is a popular activity for millions around the world, yet when no sport was available, people started to turn to online casino gaming to get their fun. Perhaps more interestingly, this trend has remained somewhat consistent, despite the fact that sports are now back in action. In fact, the part of the world where this has been particularly evident is India, as seen with the vast amount of online casinos that are now involved in the industry – just check out for full details.

With that said, given that millions from around the world have got the ‘online casino bug’, it is a pretty enticing industry to get into right now. Even if you didn’t want to set up a business in this industry, it could well be a good area to look for employment, especially if you are skilled in software engineering or marketing.

In our opinion, online casino gaming interest will continue to grow as we progress through 2020 and turn the bend in 2021, and where there is demand, there inevitably is profit to be made in supply.

Real estate

It’s always a good time to be involved with real estate, regardless of the state of the economy. Of course, people always need houses and shelter, so there is essentially a never-ending supply of customers here. Naturally, to become an ‘owner’ in real estate can take significant capital, but there are methods you can use to get involved in real estate without having hundreds of thousands if not millions in the bank.

Take REITS as an example – these financial instruments will give you exposure to the rental income of companies without the headache of being a landlord. Of course, this is from a personal investment standpoint, but you can also seek employment in real estate fairly easily. You can become a leasing agent without too much trouble, and if you want to explore the real estate broker avenue, you can do that too.

It might not look overly appealing to be involved in real estate given the current economic climate, but with house prices suffering quite a dip around the world, there are certainly opportunities to take advantage of.

Alternative investments

This is a category of finance that is often misunderstood. Basically, alternative investments are anything that doesn’t follow the traditional description of finance, which is often associated with debt and equity. A prime example of an alternative investment in 2020 would be cryptocurrency, which has actually seen quite a surge in recent months. If there’s anything the coronavirus has managed to cause over recent months, it is the mistrust that citizens around the world have experienced with their own government.

So naturally, a decentralized investment such as cryptocurrencies provides a perfect alternative. You may choose to be a personal investor in an investment vehicle like cryptocurrencies, or you might want to go a step further and open up a company that trades in cryptos. The opportunities really are endless for alternative investments, and cryptocurrencies are just one of many categories you may want to explore.


The economic situation around the world might be looking bleak right now, but as you have hopefully gained from this post, it isn’t all doom and gloom. There are always opportunities to be taken advantage of in this world – you just need to look hard enough. With all of this said, we would encourage you to consider your own personal situation concerning your finances and what degree of risk you want to take on.

It’s also important to recognize your own skills and see what industries you might be most suited to!