Tom Hanks shouts at fans as they nearly knock over his wife Rita Wilson


New York: Tom Hanks turned his anger on when crazed fans nearly knocked over his wife Rita Wilson. The Oscar-winning actor got extremely appalled and expressed his anger as a group of ecstatic fans turned into a mob-like circle and pushed his wife in a tussle of over-excited gestures and made her lose her footing, wobbling away.

The footage, which includes strong language, has been uploaded to YouTube.

In the video, a security guard is seen clearing the way for Hanks and Wilson to walk through the crowd as they leave the restaurant.

Some members of the waiting crowd are seen attempting to take selfies with the pair.

But when Wilson trips, apparently a result of being accidentally pushed by some members of the group, she turns and firmly tells one fan to “stop it”.

On hearing her voice, Hanks took the situation in his hands and screamed, “My wife? Back the f–k off! Knocking over my wife?!” After which the couple hustled away in their car.


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