Tom And Jerry Movie Sets Stage For 2021 Release

New Delhi: Tom and Jerry, the popular cat and mouse run-which made 90’s kid fall into a friendship bond of love and war, will now continue the trend in a new movie that is scheduled for release in theaters in 2021.

The violently antagonistic cat and mouse will star in “Tom and Jerry,” a hybrid live-action and animated film that sees the two square off in an upscale New York hotel.

Tom and Jerry movie has released the trailer.



Tom and Jerry cartoons started to appear onscreen in the year 1940. Much like early Disney productions, Tom and Jerry were originally produced as short films. In their first run, Tom and Jerry appeared in 161 theatrical short films with MGM.

Over the past 80 years, a wide variety of different iterations of Tom and Jerry and the Tom and Jerry show were released. In the year 1992, the feature-length film “Tom and Jerry: The Movie” was released. THIRTEEN direct-to-video features have been released in the past two decades