Tips To Prevent Eye Infection During Rainy Season

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New Delhi: Eyes are highly prone to infections in the rainy season, so maintaining personal hygiene to avoid an eye infection is a much-needed precaution during this season. Don’t worry we have come up with few tips that will help you to keep your eyes as healthy as possible.

Avoid Hand-to-Eye Contact

Washing our hands and avoiding hand-to-eye contact is equally important in preventing any infectious disease. Avoid rubbing eyes as our fingers are covered in germs that can easily transmit the infection. Always wash your eyes with cold water whenever you return from an outing.

Clean Eyewear

It is important to keep your eyewear clean during the monsoons. If using pouches or cloth to clean them, please clean them frequently to avoid any fungal growth. Never keep the contact lenses out in the open and clean the cases frequently.

Eye Make-Up

Make-up comes out easily during the rainy season, so always use waterproof eye make-up and never share it with others. Never share lens containers with anyone and clean them properly before and after use. Avoid using any cosmetic products during infection.


If someone at home is down with conjunctivitis, wash your hands after administering drops. Avoid sharing your towel and similar personal items with others because infections mostly spread through hands, clothes and other commonly touched items. Avoid crowded places and swimming during epidemics of conjunctivitis.

Avoid Waterlogged Areas

Avoid waiting near waterlogged areas as bacterial infections prowl around unhygienic water. It is also vital to protect our eyes from rain splashes as they bring dirtiness that is harmful to our eyes.

Avoid Wind and Dust

If you get caught in a dust storm, get inside and rinse your eyes immediately. Debris in the eye can lead to various infections and can irritate the eye in general, so use eye protection like glasses when exposed to wind or dust.

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