Tips To Keep In Mind Before Buying Mangoes


Mumbai: Mango is popularly known as the king of fruits due to its enormous fan following. The markets are flooded with quite a lot of mangoes like Alphonso, Chausa, Dasheri, Badami and Langra to call just a few. So, it’s advisable that you arm yourself with enough information before buying. Here are some pointers to help you get the best of this delicious tropical delight –

Trust Your Sense of Smell

Use your sense of smell to gauge the freshness of the fruits. Each category of mango exudes a unique aroma, typical of its variety. The fragrance may range from mild to very strong. A sweet and fruity smell near the base of the stem indicates that you have found your perfect choice. If it gives out an alcoholic or sour odour, then the fruit is overripe.

Touch and Feel

Use your fingertips to gently squeeze and feel around the whole mango. Ripe mangoes are faintly soft, but they should not be squashy that your fingers go right through. However, if you plan to store mangoes for a week or so, you can choose those with slightly firmer skin.

Look for a Visual Treat

Mangoes should be a visual delight. Try to look for plump and fleshy ones, with minimal marks or spots. Never ever go for fruits with shriveled skin. Colors or shades of mangoes do not matter much. This fruit comes in a myriad of hues, ranging from red, golden yellow, green to saffron and orange. So the ideal thing to do is to let your senses and experience take over.

Know Your Fruit Vendor

Very often local retailers use carbide to ripen their fruits prematurely for quick sale. You could thus go mango shopping on reputed e-commerce marketplaces or trusted fruit vendors that source fresh, organic, and naturally ripened mangoes directly from orchards all over India. Be it Alphonso from Ratnagiri, Kesar from Gir, Dasheri from Malihabad, or Banganpalli from Rayalaseema, the best varieties are now available at your local store or online. Look for certifications and awards, if any, of the sellers and their mangoes. Enjoy a royal experience with the king of fruits this summer.

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