Tips To Get Rid Of Conjunctivitis

New Delhi: Pink eye is most commonly used to describe conjunctivitis caused by an infection. Conjunctivitis means swelling of the conjunctiva, which is the membrane lining the outside of the eyeball and the inside of the eyelid.

Here are some simple steps you can take to feel better, no matter what’s causing your pinkeye.

Use a cool compress

Pinkeye causes inflammation around the eye that can be irritating and even painful. Using a cool and damp compress will help reduce inflammation and soothe the eye.

How to use a compress for pinkeye:

  • soak a clean washcloth or hand towel in warm or cool water
  • wring out any excess water
  • place the damp washcloth over the eye and leave there for a few minutes
  • remove the washcloth from the eye and wash your hands immediately

People should not reuse washcloths before laundering them in hot water as this can spread the infection or reinfect the eye.

Damp cloth clean

People who have bacterial pinkeye might notice a thick discharge, or pus, leaking from the eye that it is affecting. Pus dries quickly, forming a crust along the edges of the eyelids. People may have difficulty opening their eyes, especially in the morning after the pus has had time to sit and harden overnight.

Use a warm, damp cloth to remove pus from around the eye and lashes.

Eye drops

Lubricating eye drops, or “natural tears,” can soothe irritation or burning in the eye. Eye drops can help relieve the symptoms of all types of pinkeye. They help to flush out allergens, irritants, and discharge.

Avoid touching the eyes

Touching or rubbing the eyes can make the symptoms of pinkeye worse, and can mean it takes longer to clear up. If a person needs to touch their eyes, they can do so by washing their hands thoroughly both before and afterward. Some types of pink eye are contagious, so to avoid transmitting the condition to others, and to avoid re-infection, a person should use new towels each day and change pillowcases and sheets frequently. Avoid wearing contact lenses until the symptoms have gone away to prevent further irritation.