Tips To Avoid Injuries While Practicing Yoga At Home

New Delhi: Many yoga practitioners sustain injuries during their practice at some point in their lives. Therefore, while approaching this ancient practice, we must underpin ourselves with a sense of calm and serenity and keep in mind a few important concepts. So here are few tips to help keep your body safe while you practice and avoid yoga injuries:


Try to arrive early to class, and take time to center yourself. Begin by establishing breath awareness. Find your rhythm, linking the breath to simple movements like the Pawanmuktasana series. Start with gentle stretches—stretching too deeply too soon triggers your muscles’ protective reflexes and sets the stage for strains and pulls.

Learn alignment principles 

Learn how to ground your asana with strong lines and a solid foundation. If your alignment is less than ideal, you not only risk injury but also miss out on some of the benefits each asana has to offer.

Return to the breath 

be aware of your breath; it indicates your mental and physical state. Is your breath long and rhythmic—or shallow and erratic? Be receptive, and observe as you inhale. Make adjustments on the exhalations.

Never Hang Out In A Pose

Even if a pose is not particularly challenging, never hang out in it! There is always some level of awareness that needs to be applied. Even though it is delightful to be one with the universe, don’t space out, and pay attention to how each pose can be improved.

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