Tiger Strays From Bandhavgarh Reserve Forest, Stays At Resort Shut For Lockdown


Bhopal: A nine-year-old tiger divagated from Bandhavgarh reserve forest of Madhya Pradesh, spent two days at a nearby closed Luxury resort amid lockdown here.

As per reports, some of the staff spotted that the tiger dragged a dead bovine into the garden of  Samod Safari Lodge.

Reportedly, the big cat which was monitored by the forest personnel all while, left on its own on the third day after there was nothing left of the dead animal.

Bandhavgarh field director Mohit Sood that forest personnel manned the resort for two days with elephants. “As the tiger was not aggressive. and there were no tourists, it was decided not to disturb it,” he said.

It is worth mentioning that, due to covid fear all tiger reserves, national parks, and sanctuaries in the country are closed after some lions in a Hyderabad zoo tested positive for the infection.

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