Thyroid Awareness Month: Foods To Avoid With Hypothyroidism


New Delhi: January is “Thyroid Awareness Month,” which calls attention to the various health problems connected to the thyroid. Most of us have heard about thyroid glands, but we may not realize the importance of the gland or that we may have symptoms of this disease.  Therefore, this month is dedicated to talking about thyroid disease – the conditions and symptoms, the importance of diagnosis and treatment, as well as the many issues thyroid issues face day-to-day.  In addition, health experts hope that publicizing information about thyroid diseases will educate people and encourage them to visit their physician for a simple blood test to determine if they need treatment.

When it comes to managing your hypothyroidism, the most important thing that you put into your mouth each day is probably your hormone replacement medication. But certain foods, supplements, and medications can interfere with your thyroid medication or otherwise affect your health, so it’s helpful to be aware of what to avoid and what to approach with caution.

1) Cabbage, broccoli, cabbage, turnips, and other cruciferous vegetables feature at the top of this list. These vegetables are known to hamper thyroid activity by affecting iodine absorption in the body.

2) Soy products can interfere with the production of thyroid hormones. This is why soy and soy-based products like soy milk, soy chunks, etc are best avoided for those with hypothyroidism.

3) Foods that contain caffeine including your daily cup of coffee, tea, and sodas contain compounds that could hamper the production of iodine. If you are suffering from hypothyroidism and take medication for it, caffeine can also interfere with how these medicines function.

4) One of the common symptoms of hypothyroidism is weight gain. This is why it is best to stay away from foods that contribute to your growing waistline including sugar-based products like desserts, sodas, processed foods, candies, etc. Weight gain will further hamper your metabolism.

5) Gluten-based products including bakery products such as biscuits, cakes, cookies, pastries also feature on the list of things that worsen hypothyroidism symptoms.

6) Those with an underactive thyroid must keep a check on their sodium intake as excess sodium can cause high blood pressure which is one of the health complications that could arise out of hypothyroidism. Keep away from processed foods like salami, sausages, bacon, packaged foods including instant noodles and soups, and sauces.

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