Thunderstorm with lightning & rainfall alert for 2 Odisha dists


Bhubaneswar: The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) regional centre here issued thunderstorm with lightning and rainfall alert has been issued for Keonjhar district till 3.00 PM while alert has been issued for Angul district till 3.30 PM today.

The Met office has sounded alert for Jhumpura, Banspal, Patna, Saharpada, Ghatgaon, Telkoi, Anandpur, Harichandanpur, Ghasipura, Hatadihi, and Hadgiri areas of Keonjhar district till 3.00 PM.

Similarly, an alert has been issued in Pallahara, Kaniha, Chendipada, Kishorenagar, Talcher, Banarpal and Athmallik areas of Angul district till 3.30 PM.

People in these districts are cautioned to stay indoors and take shelter in buildings and other safe locations as a precautionary measure.

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