This Is My Janmabhoomi: Arvind Kejriwal Sounds Poll Bugle In Haryana


Chandigarh: Arvind Kejriwal, the AAP national convener, urged the people of Haryana to consider giving his party a chance during the next year’s state assembly elections. He promised to improve education and healthcare services if elected, news agency PTI reported.

During the “Tiranga Yatra” in Jind, Haryana, the Delhi chief minister made a speech alongside the Punjab counterpart Bhagwant Mann and AAP’s Haryana unit chief Sushil Kumar Gupta.

During the roadshow, Kejriwal, a native of Haryana, endeavored to connect with the people on an emotional level and expressed that Haryana was his place of birth, also known as “janmabhoomi,” while Delhi was where he belonged in terms of work, also known as “karambhoomi. ”

Kejriwal positioned the AAP as the lone feasible option for the people of Haryana, highlighting how the state has been governed by the Congress and BJP, yet failing to recognize any of their accomplishments.

“Any schools, roads they build…did they give jobs to your children? Then why do you vote for them,” he was quoted by PTI in its report.

“Give me one chance, we will give good education to your children and build good healthcare facilities,” he said.

The roadshow witnessed the attendance of Ashok Tanwar, Anurag Dhanda, and Chitra Sarwara, all prominent figures in the AAP.

In a sharp comment against the BJP government, the Chief Minister of Delhi highlighted the bad condition of government schools in Haryana and pledged to improve both public and private schools once the AAP takes charge in the state.

“We did so in Delhi and Mann sahab is doing that in Punjab. Neither the Congress nor the BJP will be able to do that, only AAP will,” he stated.

Kejriwal directed his attention towards the gathering and inquired, “who are unemployed, kindly raise your hands,” and proceeded to comment, “See how many are unemployed”.

“We have given jobs to 12 lakh youths (in Delhi). In Punjab, 30,000 government jobs have been given so far,” he said.

Speaking on the power issue, the AAP chief said “today, there is round-the-clock electricity being supplied in Delhi.”

“The day the AAP comes to power, from the next day 24-hour power supply will be ensured in Haryana,” he said.

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