Things You Must Never Do After Having A Meal 


New Delhi:  Improper digestion can lead to a host of health issues, which is why knowing what to eat and consuming the food mindfully — while also being aware of just how much to eat — is crucial.  

* Avoid taking a shower immediately: Post meal, blood surrounds the stomach to help with digestion and when you take a bath, the body temperature changes. To bring the body back to its original temperature the blood diverts to the skin surface from the stomach surface leading to impaired and slow digestion.  

* Avoid exercising: Vigorous exercise right after a meal can disrupt the digestion process. It may cause nausea, and stomach/abdominal pain and lead to vomiting, causing acid reflux.  

* Avoid sleeping or taking a nap: The urge to lie down after a meal is quite common. This causes the digestive juices to rise up, causing severe heartburn; a person may wake up feeling full after a meal.  

* Avoid drinking a lot of water: It slows down the digestion process. Drinking excess water dilutes stomach acid and impairs digestion. Most Indian meals contain enough fluid in the form of gravies, dals, sambhar, chaas, etc. The salads have high water content, too.  

* Avoid activities that involve bending forward; it can cause acid reflux. 

* Avoid eating fruits post a meal, as it can reduce the absorption of nutrients from the fruit. 

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