Things to know about immigration medical exam


The immigration medical exam is conducted under the guidelines set up by the US government under the United States and Immigration Services to check on any medical disqualifications to gaining permanent residency in the United States.

The immigration medical examination has got several different parts that have to be completed and signed off by the designated civil surgeon before being submitted to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. The immigrant has the best benefit of using a clinic which specializes immigration exam and offers lab work, vaccines and a designated civil surgeon where delays don’t occur. An immigrant should not forget any vaccine records as well as the photo issued by the government during the initial appointment. The 1-639 Form.

This is a medical document that is a requirement for all immigration medical examinations which are to be recorded by the USCIS. The form can be filled out by the individual through typing of the personal data into the form, or one may print using block letters before the appointment begins. A new page with no errors has to be created should there be any errors. The immigrant should also fill out a medical history form, a short tuberculosis screening form and sign lab work consent.

Tuberculosis Screening:-

The tuberculosis skin test is a requirement for all the applicants with over two years of age and any applicant below the age of two years that may have come in contact with anybody suffering From tuberculosis. Anyone who may have had a reaction of 5mm or larger to the previous TST can proceed to the next level of the medical test and provide the clinic with proof of the other 5mm larger result with a health-care provider’s signature.

Syphilis Blood Test:-

All the applicants with the age of 15 Years and older are required to by the USCIS to the syphilis test. Applicants under the age of 15 with symptoms or history of syphilis are also expected to take up the check. Syphilis screening is a draw of blood to determine whether the applicant has contracted syphilis.

Gonorrhea Urine Test:-

Applicants over the age of 15 years are expected to take the gonorrhea test as well as those under the age of 14 with the symptoms and history of the disease. The test is a simple urine collection to determine if the applicant has contracted the disease. The urine collection should at the same time as the medical examination for immigration and at the civil surgeon’s designated laboratory.


The clinic shall look over the applicant’s vaccination records at the initial appointment to determine whether the treatments are needed to complete the immigration medical examination. Additional vaccines are required to complete the medical vaccination process. All the vaccination should be done in one clinic to minimize delays in the paperwork completion. Should one have had vaccinations in the past but luck the vaccination records, there is the option of blood titers drawn to prove one’s immunity.

Civil Surgeon sign-off:-

The sign-off is a brief meeting with the public surgeon to check the applicant’s identity. Completion of Paperwork and Sealing of packet All the paperwork shall have been completed after the sign off with the civil surgeon, and the applicant shall receive a package containing all necessary paperwork which is to be submitted to the USCIS.

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