The Climate-Smart Cities project survey of BSCL aims to encourage eco-balance and Smart solutions


Bhubaneswar: India is the seventh most impacted country in the world by the effects of severe weather caused by climate change. Therefore, it is important to address it while dealing with problems caused by climate change. CMD, Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited cum VC, BDA Sanjay Kumar Singh, along with BMC and BSCL officials met with the GIZ delegation yesterday to discuss the ongoing climate-relevant interventions under the Climate Smart Cities project and potential future opportunities for collaboration in order to address the growing needs of the matter in the state capital.

The goal of this project is to provide climate-friendly solutions for urban infrastructure projects and area-based development in the design and implementation of projects under the Government of India’s Smart City initiative.

A discussion took place regarding the stormwater management master plan, mapping potential rainwater harvesting locations in Bhubaneswar for BMC and C&D hotspots, developing a pre-feasibility study based on urban design thinking methodology including a topographical survey, and developing a detailed stormwater masterplan for the pilot area (Nayapalli, Iscon temple area) and ward 4 areas.

A final gap analysis report and implementation roadmap were provided. Under the Climate Smart Cities initiative, BSCL is working with GIZ to expand the Mu City saviour app throughout the entire city, which will assist in reporting the water logging problem in Bhubaneswar and taking safeguards. BSCL aims to prepare the application and proceed with it as soon as possible.

CMD, BSCL cum VC, BDA Sri Sanjay Kumar Singh stated that depending on the field conditions, we would endeavour to adopt GIZ’s suggestions.

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