The 5G Trend Continues with the New iPhone


Expected to be the most popular smartphones of 2021, the leaks about the new iPhones keep rolling in. Although a launch date has not been confirmed yet, Apple has been constantly introducing its new iPhones in September, so this year should be no exception. Plenty of information has been made public, such as the design, specs, and features. Some of the features include an upgraded camera, a more powerful chipset, and a thicker design compared to the iPhone 12 range.

The 5G Network

Amongst all the rumors, one thing is for certain, the new iPhone will have 5G network support, just like its predecessor, iPhone 12. However, Apple might decide to save money on this front and switch to either mmWave technology or sub-6GHz. Considering mmWave allows for larger bandwidth and, therefore, faster speeds, the company might go for this option. With the previous range, both 5G versions were available, which made the handset rise in price considerably.

One of the biggest advantages of incorporating 5G technology into phones is its ability to reduce lag time. This means that apps run smoother, streaming is faster, and playing online games is easier. Apps or websites that require high-performance streaming or real-time interactivity, such as online casino games, run better on phones that support 5G. With this technology incorporated in the new iPhones, customers can play roulette online in India, amongst other games, without issue. They can browse through the wide variety of games on offer and place their bets, without worrying about the game starting to lag.

As customers get more and more used to the new 5G networks, Apple may also decide to reduce its mobile chips price by designing its own 5G chips. So far, the company has used Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X55 modem for its iPhone 12 range and will continue to use the X60 and X65 modems for its new 2021 and 2022 iPhones. However, for 2023, Apple might switch to using its own modems, which would make the technology cheaper and more accessible for low-end smartphones as well.

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Other Features

When it comes to the design, the new iPhone is expected to look similar to the iPhone 12 family, but with one significant change. Something that has bothered many people about the design was the camera bump, which is something the team is trying to trim down this year. Moreover, the Pro models might be switched from the current graphite to a matte black. The screen technology will remain the same, as this is something that has gone through a massive upgrade last year, with the release of the iPhone 12.

Another rumor that everyone hopes will become reality is the addition of a 120Hz refresh rate display, which would help the display look smoother when playing games. Something similar has already been launched for the iPad Pro range, varying the refresh rate according to the activity carried out on the screen. This technology was one of the few rumors that didn’t come to fruition last year about the iPhone 12, so it is highly anticipated for this year’s range release.

Overall, Apple’s next-generation device looks promising if the leaks prove to be true. Its decision to improve the 5G connection seems like a big step forward since 5G is the future in this area. This, paired with a big camera upgrade to help Apple keep its name as one of the best phone camera makers out there, improved battery life, and a price drop, means the new iPhone would really be the most popular smartphone of 2021.

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