‘Ten Years Before 2014 A Lost Decade’: Modi Slams Congress


New Delhi: Launching at attack on Congress during his response to the Motion of Thanks on President’s address on Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said India will remember the ten years before 2014 as the lost decade.

Taking a dig at the UPA, PM Modi said during the previous government, India was discussed for its blackout days and added that the country faced some of the biggest scams when the UPA was at the helm of administration.

Taking potshots at the Opposition over defence deals and the alleged corruption surrounding them, PM Modi said India will always remember the decade before 2014 as the lost decade while the decade of 2030 will be known as India’s decade.

Lashing out at the Opposition, PM Modi said the UPA administration was engaged in scams such as coal, 2G, and CWG while overlooking opportunities for the nation’s development.

Prime Minister Modi further said that during 10 years of the UPA government, inflation was in double digits and, therefore, when something good happens, the sadness of the Opposition grows. In the history of the country’s independence, 2004-2014 was full of scams. Terror attacks took place across the country in those years, he said.

“In 2010 CWG games were held, it was a big opportunity to show the strength of India’s youth to the world but due to scam, India became infamous in the world. The decade before 2014 will be known as the lost decade & we can’t deny that 2030s decade is India’s decade,” PM Modi said.

Stressing the need for criticism as the strength and spirit of a democracy, PM Modi said the Opposition wasted last nine years in making allegations and compulsive criticism replaced constructive criticism.  No one came up with constructive criticism except for putting allegations, PM Modi added.

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