Temple in Kerala dedicated to cunning character of Mahabharata “Shakuni”


Bhubaneswar: India is a place where everyone can find diversity and as like as our mythologies, some unique temples also describes the facts behind their worthiness.

Mayamkottu Malancharuvu Malanada Temple is one of the unique temples in Kerala, which is dedicated to the great villain and the most cunning character of Mahabharata “Shakuni”.

As per the local legends, Shakuni attained moksha (liberation) by praying to Lord Shiva at this place. A large granite stone inside the shrine is believed to be the seat where Shakuni performed his penance.

A community called Kuravar worships Shakuni as a God and believes he is not a villain in the real sense! They believe it is the circumstances that changed Shakuni to take revenge. Kaurava community in Kollam district of Kerala maintains an ancient temple dedicated to Shakuni at Pavitreshwaram.

This temple worships a throne, which was supposedly the place where Shakuni used to sit. It is remarkable to see how these people have, in full light of their optimism, chosen to pay homage to the better part of a villain’s soul. Every year, a Malakkuda Maholsavam festival is celebrated in the temple, in the month of Makaram of the Malayalam calendar.

The legend says, Shakuni travelled along with the Kauravas in search of the Pandavas. When they came to this region, the Kauravas divided their weapons at the place where the temple is situated. Hence, it became popular as Pakutheswaram. Later, the place was named as Pavithreswaram.

Inside the temple, there are other deities of Kiratha Murthy, Bhuvaneswari Devi, and Nagaraja. Another fact is that Poruvazhy Peruviruthy Malanada Temple (Duryodhana Temple) is not far from the Shakuni Temple in Kerala.

A master of sorcery, Shakuni had his blessed dice which would always follow his will (it is said that the dice was made from the thigh bone of his father Subala and hence has magical power due to his soul residing in dice). Unaware of this fact, the Pandavas were defeated in the gambling match.

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