Temperature in the city may soar up after Feb 20


Bhubaneswar: As per the statement by Bhubaneswar Meteorological Centre on Thursday, the temperature is likely to rise across Odisha from February 20. Not only in coastal, western and southern parts but also the people in the interior areas would experience hot climate from the said date.

As per sources, currently the temperature is recorded between 28 degree Celsius and 34 degree during day and 20 degree in night. However, it would soar up to 35 degree Celsius or 38 degree from February 20.

Bhubaneswar Meteorological Centre Director Sarat Chandra Sahoo has said that the weather would change after three to four days. There would be a wave either from the south-west or west direction increasing the temperature across the State. As cold conditions still prevail over some parts of the State, scorching heat would be experienced by people after a sudden rise of temperature.

There may be shallow fog over some parts of the State due to heat on the surface and cold in the upper atmosphere. This would be the reason behind increase of the temperature. However, there would be no significant increase in night temperature, he added.


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