Tata Steel wins prestigious Dun & Bradstreet Corporate Award 2019


Mumbai: Tata Steel has been bestowed the prestigious Dun & Bradstreet Corporate Award 2019 for the fifth consecutive year in the category of ‘Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)’.

The award was received by Mr Chanakya Chaudhary, Vice President, Corporate Services, Tata Steel, at a ceremony held in Mumbai today. The occasion witnessed the presence of senior bureaucrats, CEOs of companies, eminent corporate leaders and professionals.

The Dun & Bradstreet Corporate Awards has been commemorating outstanding performers among Indian Corporates since 2006. It has till date honoured the Top 500 Companies in India, thus recognising their role as ‘Champions of Change’ in the transformation of the country.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Chaudhary said: “I am pleased that Dun & Bradstreet has recognised our efforts in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility. Our CSR strategy looks at establishing replicable change models which impact core development gaps across India – Signature Programmes, and enhance thematic development focus on communities in operating areas – Proximate Community Development. In addition, Tata Steel continues to strengthen its CSR governance and consolidate leadership position by intensifying deployment of its key initiatives through the Tata Steel Foundation.”

The Company identifies and responds to core development challenges in its operating areas through CSR initiatives ranging across themes like health, education and livelihoods along with interventions in drinking water, sanitation, sports, empowerment, infrastructure creation and tribal identity. As a responsible corporate citizen that is alive to dynamic societal changes and aspirations, Tata Steel felt the need for a change in the current operating strategy to go beyond existing boundaries and address or advocate for larger problem at the state and national level e.g. improving systems of health and education, poverty alleviation, climate resilience etc. The goal is to touch the lives of 2 million people per annum by 2025. The Company is exploring partnerships with governments, social sector organisations, academicians, and engaging more with experts and other organisations in the national development space.

Tata Steel has broad-based it’s community engagement to effect societal changes through its Proximate Community Development (PCD) programmes that include creating a systemic education and higher education goal for children and adolescents, eradicating worst forms of child labour, doubling income generation of its marginalised households and addressing water and sanitation issues of its communities. It offers the Tata Steel Scholars programme and Jyoti Fellowship to provide financial assistance to Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe and economically weaker sections for their inter-degree, post-graduation or research programmes. A concerted focus on upskilling community youth is in place through various technical and non-technical programmes. Beginning in 2018, the company engaged with prison authorities in Jamshedpur to work at rehabilitating lives through various skill-based training programmes.

Complementing its PCDs are a set of change models, called Signature Programmes, which showcase systemic changes, research approaches and are replicable at scale across a wide region. The Signature Programmes, which can consolidate diverse resource pools and multiply the impact potential on citizen’s lives, enable Tata Steel to advocate a structure to government and other organisations working for positive change. Some aspects of such programmes are already visible in programmes like Project MANSI (Maternal and Newborn Survival Initiative), RISHTA (An Adolescent Health Education Project), 1000 Schools Programme and Samvaad.

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