Tata affiliated Medica hospital looting patients


Kalinganagar: Tata Steel began its production at the Kalinganagar project since 2015 after many protests which sometimes turned violent and claimed lives too. But it had received government approval on basis of promises of offering education, health and better lives to the displaced. However, the Medica hospital affiliated to Tata has been looting the locals.

The hospital charges an entry fee of Rs 250 per visit from patients whereas the same doctors appointed at the hospital charge much less for consultation privately. Also, the Medica doctors allegedly prescribe expensive medicines. Also, the bed charges are very high according to locals. Even the displaced are not spared.

The issue was taken up by Sukinda Tahsildar Nabakrushna Jena in November 2016 when he intimidated about the hospital’s high charges to Central RDC AB Ota who took up the matter. Yet, Medica hospital has not changed its attitude towards the displaced people of Kalinganagar.

The displaced people have started demanding free healthcare by Medica hospital now.

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