Tanzania: 57 killed, 65 injured as fuel tanker explodes


Dar es Salaam: In a tragic incident nearly 57 persons were killed and 65 grievously injured as fuel tanker exploded in Tanzania on Saturday, according to reports.

The incident occurred as a large crowd had gathered to siphon petrol from the tanker. Video clips from the accident scene circulating on social media showed the charred remains of dozens of young men.

Daniel Ngogo, an eye witness, told news agencies that a large crowd was collecting liquid from puddles in yellow jerry cans after the vehicle crashed.  He said it is a crowded locality and many people had died.

The explosion occurred in Morogoro, a settlement around 200 km (120 miles) west of the capital Dar es Salaam.

Government spokesman Hassan Abbasi said: “We have been saddened by reports of an accident involving a fuel truck in Morogoro, which caught fire and burnt several people”.


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