Taliban Resorts To Tear Gas As Women Rights Activists Protest In Kabul

Kabul: The women rights activists in Kabul, who were staging demonstrations on Saturday, were prevented from marching towards the presidential palace by Taliban forces. Reportedly, the demonstrations turned violent after Taliban forces sprayed tear gas on them.

According to reports, the women in Kabul are staging protests, demanding their rights and representation in the new government.

They say their role in the next government should be significant.

This is the second day of the protest. A group of Afghan women activists staged a protest in Kabul on Friday, seeking equal rights and ensuring decision-making roles for them in political life in the country that has been taken over by the Taliban.

Amid reports of the formation of a new government in Afghanistan to be headed by Taliban co-founder Mullah Baradar, a group of women’s rights activists in Kabul asked the outfit to ensure decision-making roles for women in the future government.

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