Take Advantage Of Wedding Apps – Read These 8 Tips


If you’ve hosted an Indian wedding before, I’m sure you would’ve scratched your head a few dozen times, while trying to coordinate transportation arrangements for your guests, updating the guest list at least 10 times, finalizing the venue, struggling with decor ideas, and the list goes on and on. With a million things to take care of – managing a wedding is no small feat, while attempting to take care of all your guests’ needs and giving them the best experience possible. How about I tell you – all of this is now possible with that little device in your pocket, whenever and wherever you want? Yes, weddings have now become modern too and you don’t have to do everything in the conventional way anymore. More and more apps are becoming available everyday which mix the physical with the digital and make things easier and more fun! Let’s look at eight ways where you can make use of such technological advancements and plan your big day effectively:

Selecting vendors – Here’s where your wedding planning process primarily begins. Vendor aggregation platforms is how tech made its way into weddings and is something we can’t live without. Being able to find everything online from venues and florists to photographers and makeup artists is something the younger generation of today is quite accustomed with and eventually this is how we foresee things being done in the future.

Finding Inspiration – With apps like Pinterest and many others, you have all the ideas in the world at your fingertips. Be it mehendi designs or chic haldi decor, you can browse through endless options and design your wedding the way you want. Even things like what kind of outfit or hairstyle you want for each function or that pretty cake you saw on Instagram, all sorts of choices are available on these apps.

E-Invitations – Gone are the days when a traditional physical card did the job. Today everybody wants to go for a digital invite, with ‘Save the dates’ and ‘video invites’ being all the rage now. People are getting more and more creative by the day to invite their guests in the coolest way possible!

Personalized Website – Creating a personal website for your wedding to share with friends and family and being able to customize it as per your own needs is quite neat! Not only are websites a beautiful way to share a couple’s pre-wedding moments and their stories, but also a great way to stay connected with your guests. Apps like WedHaven offer smart invites in the form of websites which can be used to share up-to-date information on all events, live-track the baraat, collect pictures from guests and much more.

Gift registry –  This is a trend that has been quite mainstream in the west for a while now. However, with a number of lockdowns, ease of online ordering and environment conscious folks believing in sustainability and less wastage, registries are gaining popularity here too. And if physical gifts are not your thing, there are options of requesting gift-cards, charity donations and honeymoon funds too!

Guest Management – Making physical guest lists or creating one on excel and re-printing them 10 times over is a thing of the past now. Wedding management applications, e.g. WedHaven provide simple ways to create and manage guest lists and share relevant information with as many custom groups or pre-approved guests as you’d like. You can also easily keep track of your guests’ RSVP status and manage their travel and hospitality details, i.e. live information about each guest accessible anytime, by all co-hosts and on-the-go – it’s that simple!

Checklist and budgeting – These tools come quite handy while planning a wedding. With a million things on your mind already, having a pre-made checklist guiding you every step of the way, not only helps ease your stress but also lets you enjoy those special moments with your loved ones. While having a budget calculator keeps those financial worries at bay and saves you from burning that big hole. So the only thing you need in your pocket is that phone with these apps and no more holes 🙂 

Live streaming: A direct outcome of current times, live streaming of weddings is now the latest offering by several players in the market and has been really appreciated by the guests as an alternative to physically being there. It is likely to become a part of many weddings going forward and a boon for those who cannot make it to your special day. 

With everyone having a smartphone these days, it’s almost a no-brainer to use an app which helps you plan and manage your special day from the comfort of your homes or while you are on-the-go with that busy schedule. It not only helps you save time and money in a plethora of ways, but is environment friendly too. So what are you waiting for, do check out these little tools and have fun planning your D-Day!


Article Written by Rishika Agarwal, Co-founder at Wedhaven.

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