Take A Virtual Tour Of The Outdoor Display Of Juang House At Odisha State Tribal Museum


Bhubaneswar: The ST & SC Development Department has taken up a virtual tour of the Odisha State Tribal Museum every Sunday.

The visitors can visit the Outdoor Display of Juang House at Odisha State Tribal Museum on 20th June by opening Facebook and Twitter Pages @stscdev, @scstrti said Prof.(Dr.) A. B. Ota,
Director, SCSTRTI.

The Juang is settled in the hills and valleys of Keonjhar and the plains of Angul and Dhenkanal districts. Cultivation, shifting cultivation, hunting, food gathering are their major occupation.

The Juang House has a single door and no windows. This one-room dwelling has a wooden platform on which grain is stored and a hearth in addition to a mortar at the doorway. Juang dormitory is also called Mandaghar.

This bachelor’s dormitory is where all unmarried boys of the village sleep at night. During the day it is used for village meetings and a fire is kept burning here, year around. Straw grain bins are placed on wooden platform within the dormitory.

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